Connect to anything,

AutoCONN powers the future of IoT, bringing secure Zeroconf messaging to devices of all types.

Send messages to any device on the network instantly.

The AutoCONN CLI will automatically register you an AID, load the library onto your supported platform, connect, pair and chat. It’s all secured using E2EE.

Transport Agnostic

Send secure messages over any IP network, BLE, Serial, 4G, 5G or even Iridium Satcom. Set your transport strategy and have redundant communication built in. You send it, AutoCONN delivers it.

Secure, even to the browser.

AutoCONN uses double ratcheting E2EE encryption to make communication secure, and thanks to its transport agnostic design you can even start chatting securely with devices over LAN and WAN networks quickly.

Speedy, automatic distributed discovery.

AutoCONN uses secure discovery techniques to see if it can send the message locally first, before using AutoCONN services. That means you can chat with devices locally at wicked speeds wether or not you have an internet connection.

Stay Organized, Break Ground.

Keep your organization together with namespaces, creating a virtual network of AutoCONN devices which can easily discover each other and pair with each other.

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